"Sacred psychology assumes that the deepest yearning in every human soul is to return to its spiritual source, there to experience communion and even union with the Beloved. This relationship is then expressed in the deepened and renewed forms of your daily life. The emphasis on this union and transformation is what distinguishes sacred psychology from other depth psychologies."  

Dr. Jean Houston

Crestone Sunset

Douglas Canterbury-Counts

How do we create a sacred life?

By awakening to the unique purpose of our individual and collective lives. There is no longer a luxury of seeing oneself as separate from all life that exists around us and through us. This is an age pregnant with the possibility of global transformation or of widespread destruction. If we are to be the midwives of this planetary transformation we must begin with our own stories. This awakening places our unique individual myths within the grander context of the larger myth that is happening all around us. If these words and images serve to encourage and support your effort to awaken we are creating sacred life together....
Douglas Canterbury-Counts, Ph.D., M.Div.

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