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A Newsletter from the Center for Sacred Psychology
Vol. IV, September 2007
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Children's Corner
Some behavior in your children will seem “good” to you. Other behavior will seem unequivocally “bad.”

Notice both in your children without being overly impressed by one nor overly dismayed by the other. In doing so you will be imitating the Tao which sees our behavior as a mask and sees immediately beneath it to the good within our heart.

Above all, do not attack your child’s behavior and attempt to change it by endless talking and scolding. Stay at your center and look beneath the behavior to the heart of the child. There you will find only good.

When you see the heart you will know what to do.

Bill Martin
The Parent’s Tao te Ching




Rev. Martin has done us a service of immersing himself in the Tao te Ching and translating the 81 versus into our contemporary lives. The need of our children for our attention remain at extraordinary levels, in competition with the seductions of the virtual world. Boddhisattva parenting might pray “The demands of parenting are limitless … I vow to satisfy them all.” When approached as a creative act with your child, meditation practice fosters presence when you are together. Martin writes eloquently of the person behind the eyes of our children. The relationship is paramount. This is a unique being that has come into your life, like no other. Remove the veil and see. Meditation is not a luxury. Martin

offers us a path that cultivates calmness and compassion as a parental skill. This demands active perception, suspending judgment, and intuition. Imagine those moments when you were most present with your child, or any child. What was that like? How does it feel now in your body/memory?

Parents often ask me what they can do for their children. I know that would be their own cultivation of equanimity and stillness. I know how often I have failed at that … and how important it is that I learn presence with my child.
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