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A Newsletter from the Center for Sacred Psychology * Vol. II, September 1996
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Elder's Corner
    In a time of political tension that focuses on age as an issue, I am reminded of Rebbe Zalman's teaching that anyone can grow old.  It takes commitment and effort to become an Elder.   Yet, for so many aging is a time of despair, suffering illness of body and soul.  The physician, Rachel Naomi Remen, wrote, "Much illness may have its roots in unrecognized spiritual distress-issues of isolation, anger, the feelings people have that they don't matter or that nobody matters to them.  I think that depression is not so much an issue of nobody loving you.  Depression is an issue of not being able to find a place to give your love, not being able to love enough."


We must create a new myth of growing old in our culture.  The training offered by the Spiritual Eldering Institute helps us to question the beliefs we have been taught.  If you were to attend a weekend workshop you would be asked to meditate on questions such as: "How do I feel about aging?" "What do I look forward to and what do I fear?"  "Do I have any role models for being an Elder, one who is confident in herself?"   The analyst Adolph Guggenbuhl-Craig said " is time to see aging as a process of becoming free."  Can you imagine what needs to change that you might be free?   For more information about Spiritual Eldering contact the Institute at (215) 248-9308 or at their website
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