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A Newsletter from the Center for Sacred Psychology
Vol. IV, September 2007
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It was with great delight that I listened to Reb Zalman’s teaching at the Assisi Institute, Dr. Michael Conforti’s Jungian based training in Brattleboro, VT (home of the quite amazing McNeil’s Brewery by the way). Rebbe reminded us of the profound changes occurring from the reemergence of the Feminine. She is making herself known in nearly all cultures, coming not in the form of Mother Mary … more like the Fierce Love of Mother Kali. The love that will not let us be any less than our True Selves is often felt like a sword cutting through … referred to as

Some day, after we have mastered the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity ... we shall harness ... the energies of love ... Then, for the second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.

- Tielhard de Chardin


I have learned to listen to all ways.  I do not have to accept these teachings as my path.  Clarity and discrimination are essential for psychospiritual transformation.  But fear has no place to take hold.  As the Christian tradition would offer, "Where God is there is no fear."  I have learned to call this the "affirmation of diversity."

    The roots of Sacred Psychology are grounded in the wisdom literature of human history as maps for

environmental awareness. In the world of Spirit it is therapeu, cultivating the garden with seeds of compassion, joy and love. There is another way of viewing this global transformation. Riane Eisler has long written of the need for the Partnership Way to return to it’s primary place as a collective philosophy of life, relegating the Dominator Way to the historical experiment that is no longer useful, if it ever was. The Dominator path is the path of ego and separation. It has long been associated with the language of patriarchy. Some would challenge that premise, seeing ego as the culprit that is the root of separatism, arrogant pride, and violence. Jung offered that the task of the first half of life is the development of a sturdy ego, one whose sense of “I” is sufficient to weather the storms of the first and second chakra, survival and relationship. At a collective level there was this sociological separation from Matter, like the rebellion of adolescence, in preparation for separation from the womb of the home. All of this language of dominion over the birds and beasts, over the land Herself, was the pronouncement of the inexperienced youth, bluster as he went forth to conquer life. The grand empires built through this effort had their moment, a blip in the timeline of the 15 billion years of this Universe. Now, such effort to

separate from the collective is no longer useful. Perhaps it was a mistake all along. Eisler’s review of the cultures of 20,000 years ago reveal great diversity living in harmony. None were too poor nor too rich. No one in the tribe went hungry. These were civilizations of 100,000 people. The recognition, needed in our times, was that all were interdependent … what served one served all … what considered all served oneself. Imagine the awareness of a tribe that wrote in its’ Constitution that

... every failure to cope with a life situation must be laid, in the end, to a restriction of consciousness. Wars and temper tantrums are the makeshifts of ignorance; regrets are illuminations come too late.

- Joseph Campbell

each decision must consider the next seven generations! Ego remains a construct that defines a sense of myself … the role that I play in family and sangha or ecclesia, the profession that I practice to earn my way … but these are not who I am. To discover that I must engage the Self, “Whose center is nowhere and circumference is everywhere.”

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