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A Newsletter from the Center for Sacred Psychology
Vol III, October 2006
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Warrior's Hoop

Some of you will remember the Nigerian folk song, “You know the tribe is in trouble when the youth are angry, the adults are bewildered, and there are no Elders.” The bewilderment that is the rampant fodder for Jon Stewart on The Daily Show is funny while being almost tragic in its depiction of our culture. It is axiomatic that our elected leaders reflect our collective consciousness. Many of us wonder who would be either foolish or pristine enough to run for political office in such an aggres-sive political climate. Where are the courageous ones who know that the authentic life demands the humility of owning one’s own Shadow, those qualities rejected in others and denied in oneself? It is in each of us to serve the greater good.




... great truths do not interest the multitudes,
and now that the world
is in such confusion,
even though I know the Path,
how can I guide?

I know I cannot succeed
and that trying to force results
I shall merely add to the confusion.
Isn’t it better to give up and stop striving?

But then, if I do not strive,
who will?

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