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A Newsletter from the Center for Sacred Psychology
Vol. IV, September 2007
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Warrior's Hoop
The path of relationship exists for the remainder of life once one has a child. I often wonder if couples had a map earlier in their marriages would they have endured the pitfalls of marriage and seen the possibilities in the effort. Therapeutic skills, “tending the garden,” can be applied to both inner and outer work. If two share a child then they will be a couple. Those 50% who do this positively have less wounds in need of healing. Those 15% who create a strong and supportive relationship after divorce are trailblazer’s of possibility. Children will always benefit when the parents come together for celebratory rituals like graduation and marriage. But had they had a map such as this? I wonder?

Do you believe that nagging each other will bring happiness to your relationship?



Eliminate the pressure to change and you both will find true joy.

Eliminate demands for loyalty and commitment and true faithfulness will spring into being.

Happiness and contentment blossom naturally in the heart that is open. But the heart that is criticized and pressured will close and only the weeds of bitterness will grow.

The bad news is that you cannot make each other happy.

The good news is that happiness is as natural as breathing.

Trust its presence in your hearts and give it room to grow.

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